Today I being my life as a world traveler. My goal is to visit random locations throughout the year. I still have a day job, I still spend time with my family, and I still have a “normal” life. But I am going to make a serious effort to travel. Some trips will be in my backyard as there are tons of things to do there. Some trips will be well-planned and scheduled family trips. Others will be the annual “guys” trip and I might even take my wonderful wife on a nice romantic getaway too.

So why will this blog be of any use or any interest to anyone? Well, it probably won’t, but my hope is that I can share some sense of adventure and encourage others to get out and enjoy life. I’ll share my frugal ways and some of my lessons learned along the way too. I won’t do everything perfectly, but I will do things. It is a matter of doing, learning and doing better the next time. I won’t sit back and over analyze this stuff — Let’s just travel around and enjoy it!

Ok, here’s a little travel inspiration (I’m probably not going to outer┬áspace — but I won’t say it is off limits either)